What is the role of Information Technology in Health Care?

What is the role of Information Technology in Health Care?

While Information Technology has created moving changes in almost every stream of business, it has surely not fallen short of transforming the Health Care industry too. Today, more and more patients have access to not only remote consultations but also to one of the best diagnosis available through the uses of Information Technology. However, it’s not just that where people are increasingly facilitated but also with newer sets of treatments which are both efficient and less painful. It won’t be wrong to say that Information Technology does play a major role in Health Care.
Let’s look through some of the ways in which Information Technology can play a part in Health Care.

Medical Care Mobile Applications

One of the very common ways in which the industry has changed over the years is through mobile phone applications. Think about days when you couldn’t think about booking your dentist appointment by just a number of taps on your mobile phone screens. Yes, that’s the reality today. You just need to go to the application; scroll through medical practitioners you see fit as per their experience, location and choose one! Your appointment with them will be booked at times convenient to you. However, remote booking such as this is not the only service offered. Today, you even have the option to take remote consultations from doctors anywhere in the world.
However, it’s two way! There are other mobile applications too which let medical practitioners record their logs or file information about patients. This has consequently reduced stress levels and also made processes efficient. Technology has surely transformed everything

Mobile Application For Medical Care

Increased number of tools for Patient Care

Doctors today have more access to what exactly the patient might need in terms of medical care. Take the example of Electronic Health Records (EHR) available to almost every physician who can use them to make a very informed decision regarding the patient’s diagnosis or even what possible errors may have taken place in medications previously. These may include hospital visits, medications taken, lab reports, previous diagnosis etc. Such enables the practitioners to prescribe better medications, tests, or a better medical plan.

Digital Entries of Medical Records

Yes, you read it right. Information Technology has enabled hospitals to move away from dense paper files about patients to efficient records. In times of today, every doctor and every patient has an access to a digital record of medical histories. A patient can go through their own medical histories and healthcare professionals can too. These data sets are usually uploaded on cloud storages and ensures a better management and transmission of data, precisely, in a quicker way. Such data sets may also be used to analyze what areas or what certain target group are devoid of better medical services. With use of bulky paper sheets gone, costs are greatly saved too!

Research and policy purposes

Given that huge amounts of data are uploaded on cloud, it’s not just areas or patients devoid of the services which might be identified. The data can be used in order to predict future epidemics, analyze areas of improvements in healthcare and also in research and development. Life saving drugs are created through use of vast amounts of healthcare data which include patient histories and research. However, these data sets have also enabled governments to analyze on what areas of healthcare policy do they need to focus on, in terms of service delivery too.
How information technology has till date played important roles in improving the healthcare industry is truly a great sight to watch.
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