iTitans Interns 2020 Official Video Released

iTitans Interns 2020 Official Video Released

On the first of September, iTitans started off the start to a very busy coming month by introducing their “Junior Titans” ⚡who had been interning with us for the past 8 weeks and are now bidding farewell to us. We had recorded their introductory videos back when they were about to start but little did they know that our creative team was going to make their intros more “fun”.

It is adamant from the video that the iTitans has grown immensely in the past 10 months. From a team of 5, they have reached around 35 members at present with more people  joining from the next month. The team members all agreed that they aim to make everyday lives of people easier by leveraging technology.

Maham Aali, who is a rising senior at LUMS, said in her statement that “We don’t just follow the rules. We give our input. We give our advice and despite that, we learn new things every day.”

Another rising CS senior at LUMS, Raheem Zafar said in his statement that “This internship is really interesting and different from all other internships that I’ve done . We work at 4am in the morning really hard to make something really good.”

Areej mentioned that her favorite part about the internship is that “Sabse fun baat ye hai ke you get a pizza for everything. Its your birthday, you get a free pizza. You’re star performer of the week, you get a pizza, so there are a lot of free pizzas along the way.”


Titans Assemble ⚡

About the Company: ITitans is a full-service IT & Digital Solutions company with its headquarters in Tampa, Florida & offices in London, United Kingdom & Lahore, Pakistan. We encompass a team of smart, creative and passionate people who believe in building strong brands, good clean design, well-crafted content, and integrated strategies. Apart from other companies, we strive to become your digital and IT partners and are with you throughout the journey.
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