Mobile App or Website: Which is Better for Your Business?

Mobile App or Website: Which is Better for Your Business?

With an estimated 275.66 million smartphone users in the U.S., businesses have the opportunity to always stay in touch with their customers. In order to establish and maintain a constant connection with people, businesses put in effort to build their own mobile apps and/or websites.

Every business aims to provide all the information to its customers in a convenient way which helps to enhance customer experience. While both mobile apps and websites have their own advantages, sometimes businesses get confused regarding which could prove to be the most beneficial option for them.

Difference between mobile apps and mobile websites

A mobile website, like a usual website, consists of browser-based HTML pages which are linked with each other. Mobile websites are made responsive in a way that they are able to adjust to different sizes of mobile screens. In addition to performing basic functions, like any other website, such as showing text, pictures etc., mobile websites also make use of features like click-to-call, which are specific to mobile phones.

A mobile application is a program that is installed in mobile phones or tablets via an app store. Mobile apps can either display content by pulling it from the internet, and can even display downloaded content when your device does not have internet access.

Pros of having a mobile app

There are a number of advantages associated with having a mobile app for your business, some of which are discussed below.

1.      Provide offline access

Many apps have the feature of functioning without access to the internet, something which is not possible with websites. Even apps which do require internet access are able to perform some basic functions in offline mode. An example of an app which works even in offline mode is the Amazon Kindle, which provides its users the option to read any ebook without the need of an internet connection.

2.      Personalized experience

Websites are unable to track customer behavior which makes it difficult to provide a customized experience to customers. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are able to measure customer engagement, monitor their behavior, know their location and provide tailored recommendations according to the information collected by the app. The ability to provide a personalized experience helps retain customers.

3.      Easy & instant communication

It becomes very easy to keep customers informed about any new updates about your business through mobile apps. Businesses can send either push notifications (which are displayed whether the app is being used or not) or in-app notifications (which appear only when the app is opened). Being able to send notifications via a mobile app has proven to be a much better alternative than sending mass emails, which are mostly ignored by customers.

Pros of having a mobile website

While mobile apps offer many benefits, there are a number of benefits that mobile websites offer as well.

1.      Less expensive to build

Mobile websites are typically less expensive to build and maintain as compared to mobile apps. When it comes to native apps, businesses also need to invest additional time and effort to build apps for different platforms. In such cases, mobile websites prove to be more useful, with little investment of time and money.

2.      Widely available

Mobile websites are widely available to anyone who wants to see the information provided by the business. On the contrary, mobile apps have to be downloaded from the app store by customers in order to access content. A lot of people might not be inclined towards making the effort to download the app, which is why mobile websites are better in terms of providing information to customers with little effort.

3.      Reaches out to a larger customer base

While a mobile app can be installed and used on certain devices like smartphones or tablets, websites can be viewed on any device and on any platform. This ultimately leads to higher reach, where customers using different devices are able to view all the information being displayed by a particular website. This can help businesses attract a larger number of potential customers.

What should you do?

Now if you are wondering whether a mobile app or a website can be more beneficial for your business, the answer is: both of their own benefits! The ideal situation for your business would be to offer customers the option of using both a mobile app and a website. Working together, mobile apps and websites can help you add convenience and ease-of-access to information in your customers’ lives.

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