Seizing the Opportunity for Growth and Innovation

A few months ago, iTitans, a leading technology company, was presented with an incredible opportunity to collaborate with Pocket Pharma, a company determined to revolutionize medicine delivery by providing convenient access to pharmacies in customers’ vicinity. As an experienced and tech-focused business, we approached the project cautiously, mindful of staying within our capabilities.

However, one of the core principles we have learned during our time in this industry is always taking advantage of an opportunity for growth and learning. With a mindset focused on gaining experience and enhancing our skills, we embraced the challenge of handling Pocket Pharma’s social media marketing.

Enhancing the User Experience with Innovative Solutions

Upon delving into the project, we quickly realized there was more to it than just marketing. Pocket Pharma had developed an app aimed at providing ease and accessibility to customers in need of medicine. The idea resonated deeply with us; we saw immense potential in making a meaningful impact through this collaboration. In addition to marketing, we identified an opportunity to improve the app’s user experience (UX).

At the time, Pocket Pharma’s app was solely built for the Android platform. Drawing upon our expertise, we proposed the development of a hybrid app that would offer an enhanced UI and UX for Android and iOS users. Recognizing the value of building solid relationships with our clients, we ensured that our charges were only slightly above cost, allowing us to prioritize the growth of the partnership over immediate profits. To put things into perspective, the development of their previous app had cost them twice as much.

Swift Deployment and Exponential Growth

Driven by our commitment to excellence, we dedicated ourselves to deploying the enhanced app within a concise span of a few weeks. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Both the client and their target audience fell in love with the improved user experience, resulting in a substantial increase in orders. Pocket Pharma’s team was ecstatic about the newfound efficiency and speed of their app’s delivery process.

The success of the project propelled us even further. Recognizing our technical prowess and dedication, Pocket Pharma offered iTitans equity in their venture within a few months. Today, we proudly serve as their remote Chief Technology Officer (CTO), working closely with their team to drive innovation, ensure technological excellence, and shape the future of medicine delivery.

Expanding Horizons: Launching a Comprehensive Healthcare Hub

In addition to our continued partnership with Pocket Pharma, we recently embarked on a new venture—a comprehensive E-commerce platform. This healthcare hub platform provides our customers with various products and services. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we aim to create a seamless and convenient healthcare experience for individuals seeking high-quality healthcare solutions.

At iTitans, we firmly believe in seizing opportunities, embracing challenges, and delivering exceptional client results. The success story of Pocket Pharma serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing transformative solutions, cultivating lasting relationships, and continuously pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize industries, shape the future of technology-driven solutions, and create a better tomorrow for all. Together, we can accomplish remarkable feats and make a lasting impact on the world of healthcare.


The client story of Pocket Pharma showcases the transformative power of collaboration between iTitans and forward-thinking companies. What began as a social media marketing project quickly evolved into a partnership focused on improving the user experience and revolutionizing medicine delivery. With our expertise and dedication, we successfully deployed an enhanced hybrid app that delighted both the client and their target audience. The success of this project led to iTitans being offered equity in the venture and assuming the role of remote CTO.

Additionally, we expanded our horizons by launching a comprehensive E-commerce platform, further cementing our commitment to innovation and creating a seamless healthcare experience for our customers. As iTitans continues to push the boundaries of technology-driven solutions, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future and make a lasting impact in the realm of healthcare.