In an era where every potential customer owns a smart phone, and uses their phone to access their internet more frequently as opposed to any other electronic device, it makes sense for mobile app development agencies for startups to gain importance. Having a mobile app is essential to guarantee business success. That being said, it also true that most startups have a strict budget that they need to operate within. Mobile development agencies for startups realize this and help set your business’s mobile app while adhering to your budget. Today, we will walk you through the benefits that a mobile app offers, and hence explain why mobile app development agencies for startups are important.


Mobile apps let your customers know that you are out there. This exposure is not limited to existing customers, but new potential customers as well. A research in 2018 showed that on average, a person spent 3 and a half hours on smartphone every day. Now about 90% of this time is spent using apps. These stats show the huge potential that you can utilize to grow your business, all by developing a mobile app. The minute people download your app onto their mobile, they know that you exist. Even when they are not accessing your app, they see your business logo in the little app icon on their phone. It serves as a little reminder that your start up is here and ready to serve customers.

Promoting your new products and services

As a startup, you are almost ready to roll out your new product line. But how do you notify customers to let the sales begin? This is exactly where a mobile app can assist you. As soon as your customers download and install your mobile app, you have their attention. This is the perfect time and platform to notify them when you launch a new product or service. Given that you already have their attention, you can use this opportunity to pitch your product in the most interesting manner. It is wise to start thinking of a mobile app as a marketing tool. Every time you notify your customers of new products and services, they can share this information, helping to draw in more customers for your business. This is particularly important for startups and explains the need to find and collaborate with the best why mobile app development agencies for startups.

Better customer service

Regardless of the type or size of your product offering, youneed to provide a channel where customers can reach you with possible queries or feedback. A mobile app can serve as that channel for you to boost your customer service. Part of good customer service is knowing who your repeated customers are. Your business mobile app can help you do that. The mobile app can also gather insights from sales to remind customers about the products and services they are most interested in. Additionally, mobile apps let you be there for your customers 24/7, 7 days a week, regardless of time zone differences.