Why is a Website Important for Small Businesses?

Why is a Website Important for Small Businesses?

In a world backed by perceptions and brand images, the importance for websites has greatly risen over the past decade. However, to some businesses, having a website is a luxury that only big businesses can afford. Is that true? Not really. Let’s look through some of the ways in which websites are really important for businesses that aren’t big yet!

Builds Credibility

One of the very aspects of brand legitimacy is that they’re hard to build on. However, if you’ve a website which is well developed, consumers are more likely to perceive your brand as legitimate. Think about all the businesses you don’t buy online from because they didn’t seem legitimate. They didn’t have a well-developed website for you to buy from or only had a few social media pages? Doesn’t seem okay? Of course, in order to buy a product, we need some credibility and having a website gives you that!Some elements through which a website may add credibility to your business are customer reviews, existing collaborations, original photos of the product, links to your Facebook/Instagram pages and informative blogs.

Control over your story/information

Another way through which a website may add value to your business is by giving control to you of what information, values, and ideas you stand by as a business. This gives you an opportunity to portray your business story, the way you want to portray it unlike any misconceptions that may have existed. This control you create through your own website is what social media may not be able to provide as you would still be operating on a third-party platform and possibly run the risk of them shutting down or pushing you out. Given the control over content, values and product positioning, website is definitely a must for small businesses.

Simple and cost-effective

A big misconception regarding websites is that they cost time and money. However, having a website created, developed, or even maintained is neither expensive nor time consuming. You can get them made through any website development company and the best part is, they’re cheap and requires very less time. These companies also are usually very creative with how they build your website. So, if it’s not time consuming or costly, what’s the wait for?


Websites are the go to place any consumer will opt for to learn about your business. It’s also the first platform, businesses usually advertise themselves on with all the important contact information. A consumer is looking for your contact? Website is where they’ll first visit! This way, you’ve a better chance at being directly involved with your customers also ensuring honest feedback. Some of the features your website may include can be payment options, home delivery option, customer reviews, recommendations, new promotions, and new launches.


However, it’s not just the marketing of your brand but also, websites may act as an anchor for online selling and promotion. Why not facebook or instagram? Well, facebook or instagram don’t give an option to buy or sell which is only available at a website. On a website, you can choose to build an e-commerce store for your business and sell directly to consumers with no agents in between except the delivery services. This not only builds credibility but also allows the customers an easy way to shop for your brand, eventually increasing your customer base.

Since you now have an idea about how important these websites are for your business to not just thrive but grow, get started now and don’t miss out on the chance to go big!

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