A beginner’s guide to SEO

A beginner’s guide to SEO

One of the most influential trends that have evolved in the digital marketing space over the past few years is search engine optimization. While this word is thrown around alot, many people don’t fully understand the purpose and potential of it. Today, we’ll break down for you what SEO means and how it can be applied in a business context.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tool used for increasing the amount of traffic that visits a website, by improving its rankings on search engines. This is commonly achieved by generating high quality website content and using keywords. It is an excellent way to improve the quality of content on your website too.

Google is the most popular search engine in terms of the number of users, so most brands optimize their websites according to Google search results. Google ranks search results by their quality and relevance to a searcher’s query. It determines these through an algorithm that scans through a website’s content and looks for keywords that are most relevant to a particular search. In addition, Google also assesses factors such as how people interact with your website, how valuable your content is in terms of uniqueness and how user friendly your website is.

How businesses use it for marketing

SEO has become an integral part of the marketing strategy for most businesses that employ digital marketing techniques. An increasing number of businesses are seeking to optimize their websites for higher search engine rankings. They do this by first identifying the keywords that their target audience is likely to look for, that would be relevant to the products or services of the business. They also need to consider the search volumes of these keywords i.e. how many people actually use this keyword as a search query. Several online keyword tools such as Uber suggest are available for businesses to achieve this. After identifying keywords, businesses move on to incorporate these keywords into their website content.

Importance of SEO marketing

SEO marketing is an important tool for modern day businesses to remain competitive in their industries. Not only can SEO help bring relevant traffic to your website, it can also improve the quality of the traffic that visits your website. Because a huge number of Internet users search the Internet everyday for millions of different topics, search engines become a powerful tool for businesses to attract their target audience. Leads generated from this traffic can potentially be converted into sales and ultimately profits.

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