5 Reasons Why Having Social Media Presence is Important

5 Reasons Why Having Social Media Presence is Important

If there was a buzzword to summarize the last decade, it would most definitely be social media. Initially setting new norms for communication, social media has significantly evolved in its role from being a communication platform to a billion-dollar platform influencing every sphere of its users’ lives. It has been a pillar whereupon the foundations of digital marketing were laid. In the context of social media’s evolution, it is immensely important to highlight why should a business model be adopted to integrate this versatile platform as a key component. Statistical studies show that around 60 percent of millennials are likely to buy from a brand that they follow online. This implies that in order to catch your target audience’s attention amidst all the noise in the digital world, you need to prioritize having a social media presence and leveraging it to grow your business. Below, we have discussed five reasons why you should focus on having a strong brand presence on social media.

1. Find out your audience’s preferences
There are multiple channels that come under the banner of social media, and precisely what channel or combinations of channel you decide to use would depend on where your target audience is situated. If you are a B2B business, your best bet at engaging with your target audience is LinkedIn. Contrarily, if your products are visually stimulating, Instagram is hands down the best option. Studies show that platforms like Instagram or Snapchat are frequented by younger audiences. And Facebook is preferred by older ones. How can you get to know your audience? Google Analytics works like a genie- giving you insights into the age groups, location and other demographic information about your audiences using it. Only after you know your target market well can you choose a social media platform most used by your target market. Moreover, it is also a good idea to keep a tab on the platform which gives you the greatest response.

2. Drive up engagement rates with creative content
Hemingway’s technique of ‘show not tell’ is the perfect summary for the marketing landscape on social media. Of course, you are there to sell, but you have to be incredibly subtle about it. Advertising has gradually developed from persuasion to visual story telling. Marketers now use social media to tell compelling stories about their brands and give them a well rooted brand personality, which in turn drives up sales. Such engaging content is likely to resonate with your audience and attract them towards purchasing from the brand without feeling as if they were pushed to the purchasing aisle.

3. An open channel of communication with customers
You can leverage social media for your business to build an open channel of communication with your audience. Be open to their questions and make sure you are responding promptly and thoughtfully to all their comments. The goal is to built a two way channel where you can not only disseminate information about the product but also gather consumer feedback to continuously improve your products and service, while also making the consumers feel like they come at the center of your business focus. Studies have shown that responsiveness on social media prompted 83 percent consumers to make a purchase.

4. Collaborate with Influencers
Influencer marketing is a relatively new term in the marketing lexicon but ever since its conception, it has taken the business world by storm. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, you name any channel and there will be a plethora of influencers, each specializing in their own niche. These influencers have won the trust of their audience through frequent and consistent engagement, and hence their recommendations are likely to be valued by their followers. Obviously, social media influencers cannot be leveraged for business growth without a strong social media presence of the brand itself. 49 percent Twitter users have said that they are more likely to trust a brand recommended by an influencer they follow. So, in order to stay in the game, you have to find influencers relevant to your brand and leverage them to build awareness for and promote your business. It would be wise to partner with a tech agency for small businesses that can help you connect with the right pool of influencers in their network.

5. Running Paid Advertisements on Social Media
Paid advertisements are one of the most effective ways to ensure that your marketing communication reaches your relevant audience. Try to understand your audience demographics and target your ads to specific users. Only then can you expect some good results. Paid ads work differently on different social media platforms. So, spend some time trying to understand them. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – all of them have different pros and cons.

Maintaining an effective social media presence can be a tough nut to crack. Given the cacophony that now dominates the digital world, how can a company make sure that they reach out to their target audience amidst all the noise? We know that this situation can be overwhelming, and we are here to help. We are one of the top tech agencies in Tampa, and among the best technology companies for startups. If you want your startup to have a strong digital impact, and are searching for a ‘tech agency near me’, contact us here and get your digitization process streamlined.

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