Digital marketing has completely transformed marketing as the world knew it. Today every business organization, regardless of its size and structure, is incorporating digital marketing into their marketing strategy to build their brand equity. However, a common feedback from many companies investing in digital marketing is a lower return in comparison to the effort they invest. With so many tools to use and so many platforms to choose from, how does a company just get their digital marketing strategy ‘right’? Today, we walk you through 4 successful ways in which you can build a coherent and effective digital marketing strategy.

1. Set clear goals

In the very initial stages of your market strategy, be sure to set clear goals. What exactly do you hope to achieve from this strategy? What will be the key performance indicators against which you can gauge the effectiveness of your strategy? Regardless of the objective being leads, conversions, engagement or downloads, you should have an explicit and precise target in mind. Having a clear target is important because it is nearly impossible to implement a marketing strategy without having clear objectives. Whether you are doing your marketing in-house or working with the best technology companies for startups, you need to have a clear goal in mind.

2. Distinguish your target audience

One of the underlying factors that drive mobile app development agencies for startups to success is their ability to identify their client’s target audience. Why is it important? Knowing your audience helps you reach them better. Once you know which people matter to your business the most, only then can you tailor your market efforts to reach them and drive up conversions. Considered sponsored ads on social media like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms allow you to tailor the audience you want to expose your advertisement to on the basis of not only demographics but also psychographic interests. A tailored approach like this stimulates more meaningful engagement.

3. Amp up your Social Media

Social Media platforms are constantly evolving, and that pushes companies to the edge of innovation. In order to stay ahead of the game, they need to constantly adapt their social media marketing strategies to make optimal use of all the feature updates in these apps. The top two trends in the social media marketing realm right now are ephemeral content and user generated content. Ephemeral content storytelling comprises of digital content- images and videos that only last for a limited period. Such content comes off as rawer and less ornamented, allowing the user to engage with the brand on a much more personal level. Owing to their great response, stories are now sprawling across the grid of not only Instagram, but also platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, amongst others. The key takeaway here for every smart marketer is to not just embrace ephemeral content as another passing trend, but to incorporate it in a manner that allows maximal utilization of its benefits. Secondly, companies can make use of user generated content. A good tech agency for small business would definitely recommend this for their social media marketing strategy; ask your followers to generate content for you. For instance, create a hashtag and ask your users to make content that is relevant to that hashtag. Post this user generated content on your socials and leverage the connection that you have with your audience.

4. Mobile-friendly campaigns

Most startups are short on budget and that is completely understandable. However, the top web design companies in Florida emphasize on the importance of mobile friendly websites. That means you need to have both web and mobile versions of your website to cater to the modern consumer, who is always on the go. Failure to do so would mean that you would not capture a large chunk of your target audience that is hooked to their phones. An effective marketing strategy means ensuring visibility for the majority of the audience, and this translates into mobile-friendly digital marketing