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Ruby on Rails Developer

We are looking for an experienced and energetic Ruby on Rails Developer for one of our flagship products. The developer will be helping to add features into the platform such as SSO, Scrapers, integrating APIs, and taking the product to the next level.

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Cyber Security Associate

We are looking for a Cyber Security Associate, Who can demonstrate some knowledge and/or a proven record of success in the consulting industry, especially relating to business processes that are enabled by identity and access management solutions, including: Requirements analysis, strategy, design, implementation, and migration for businesses. LDAP, Identity, and Access technology concepts and understanding of software development. Candidates with a minimum experience of 1 year can apply.

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Block Chain Engineer

We are looking for a BlockChain Engineer who has general knowledge and understanding of basic concepts and techs used in blockchain, Expert knowledge of algorithms, data structures, math. And has the ability to drive technical excellence, pushing innovation and quality. Have demonstrated the ability to coach, mentor, and increase the skill level of teammates. Experience with REST web services, message brokers, network programming.

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Clinical Support Specialist

We are looking for a Clinical Support Specialist, who can initiate an initial patient management response while asking for symptoms. Recommend and refer on-call support for the patient. And then refer the patient to respective medical experts for further evaluation. Is able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers via phone, email, and chat. Most importantly maintain a high level of customer satisfaction

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