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Boost your business by augmenting your team with our Titans


Titans to the Rescue

In case your development team is in need for temporary support, we at iTitans also provide supplementary software support through our experienced software developers. Our Tech team includes developers whose expertise spans virtually every digital field.

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Experienced Personnal

Our developers have worked extensively on local and foreign projects and gathered heaps of experience on their hands as they have invested countless months of training to possess the expertise which would enable them to handle the company’s clients with utmost care. With all this experience accompanied by the constant logistic and technical support from the iTitans team, you can benefit from our developers to the fullest and augment your team output.

Vast Skill Set

The expertise of our software developers include almost all of the popular and useful softwares used in this age such as Java, C++, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, AWS. These are just few examples. This has been made possible by getting our team trained for virtually any software which emerges as a potentially useful tool in the Tech industry. Our diverse team possesses the skillset to ensure that all the tech related queries of our respective clients can be sorted without much of a hassle.

Instant Availability

Our Software Developers can join your team as soon as the required documentation is done. This allows you to keep the project going in full swing with minimal loss of time and resources. With all these years of experience on their hands, much time would not be taken in order to adjust according to the project requirements as well. Speed has become such a core principle of our organization that every client wants their project done in a jiffy.