Summer Internship

At iTitans, we give you a chance to learn everything you need to start your career!


The iTitans Advantage

Your chance to get a ticket to the industry

At iTitans, you get a chance to accquire industry experience with maximised learning. While interning, you can gain multi-dimensional experience in all fields that can help you fit in the market the right way. We also keep an eye out on our interns performances which gives you a chance to come work full-time with us.

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Why Choose iTitans?

Here at iTitans, we provide you with the best possible work experience.


At iTitans we promote teamwork as great things are always achieved by a good team.

Cooperation and Collaboration

Our working environment is the easiest to fit in. We believe in cooperation and collaboration to master innovation.

Time Management

The key to success is time management and that is our strong suite. The iTitans will help you realise the importance of time and how to manage it effectively.

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New Ideas

iTitans champion innovation! Your ideas are extremely important to us as you are the future innovators in the industry.

Endless Possibilities

Every problem has a solution, we wish to manufacture the best solutions to the endless realm of problems in the world.

Decision Making

All success stories are based on some important decisions. iTitans will give you the freedom to take such decisions and realise the importance of doing the right thing on the right time.

The Internship experience

Our interns are no less that employees. All interns are placed in their respective teams according to their fields and are trained as proper employees. The interns gain real world experience and a fit for the industry right after out program ends. This makes them fit for getting hired in future.

Our Interns