5 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2021

5 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2021

As per the Similar web, google visits were around 62.19 Billion in 2019 while googling processes around 3.5 Billion every day! Due to the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it has attracted several trends and different tactics by digital marketing companies. However, these trends have been a consequence of a growing number of google search algorithms that have come into place recently. Thus, it is crucial these days to follow these SEO trends below in order to reach the maximum number of audiences.


We know what you are thinking when it comes to keyword density. It is true that SEO used to be about putting as many keywords as possible in one piece. However, times have changed. Today, Google’s search engine emphasis is more on quality rather than quantity through which it has steered content away from keyword stuffing. To facilitate content writers and bring quality content on top searches, Google also came up with the idea of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). Thus, any content which lacks these attributes is highly likely to not reach the top of the search and that is a must-follow SEO trend!


With times changing, user search and purposes have also changed greatly. Thus, it is highly important for any company which uses SEO to understand what consumers are looking for and what they might be interested in. This can be made possible to research well on most searched words along with suggested terms in order to make your content more accessible to the relevant people. Not just this but it is also important to tailor your website as per user interests and relevant searches by having such content on top of your website.

Image optimization

Another trend that has been catching up with speed is users relying increasingly on images relevant to their interests which results in them visiting websites. Besides, an image’s alt-text and its size matter a lot to make it look attractive and increase searchability too. This can be done by labeling the images with file names and using alt-text which is most relevant to your content or title. Part of this is also putting up images on Google!

Voice Search

Yes, you read it right. Owing to the growing usage of voice search by users, optimizing content for voice search has grown very important. However, it has to be focused on interpretation and not only recognition. For a start, you can include in your FAQ pages, questions usually asked and long keywords which the consumers are most probable to ask in voice search. This trend is a long way to go but can surely help you position your brand early on content optimized to voice search.

Mobile friendly

Oh, this is one of the most important trends that should be religiously followed. Imagine a website that is nothing but hard to scroll through for users. It only reduces their accessibility to the content on your website. Besides, it should be easily usable on mobile phones through well-worked optimization too. Content that does not allow smooth scrolling and swiping on mobile phones will also prevent users from visiting in the future eventually reducing traffic.

Now that you know the popular and important trends to have an eye for, we really hope you are able to boost your content through better SEO practices as described above. However, the basics still apply, do not forget them!

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