4 Digital Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2020

4 Digital Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2020

2020 has been a revolutionary year for every industry, and the same holds true for digital marketing. Thankfully, digital marketing experts are always ready to channel change into their mode of work to keep up with the dynamic marketing environment. Here is our take on which trends should be adopted in 2020.

1. Influencer Marketing
Due to this shift in focus from traditional channels of marketing to this new digital realm i.e. social media, business have started to communicate with their potential customers online. For this purpose, however, it is much more effective, both in terms of profitability and reachability, to select influencers to voice their message. Every astute marketer of today knows the significance of choosing the right influencers to communicate on behalf of their brand. This is because such influencers have a strong appeal and a large following in the business’s particular niche. Unlike traditional celebrities, these influencers have acquired a massive following and engage with it on a regular basis. Brands worldwide can leverage from such high levels of engagement, given that they choose the right influencers. Even if you are a start up with a strict budget, it would be useful to partner with a tech agency for small businesses to find the right and relevant influencers.

2. Ephemeral Content
Ephemeral content storytelling comprises of digital content- images and videos that only last for a limited period. This digital marketing strategy capitalizes on the users’ Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) to prompt an instant response, like a speedy sign up or a swift buying decision. Social media influencers, who have incorporated ephemeral content storytelling in their digital marketing campaigns have seen a promising response by their audiences. The attractiveness of this strategy resides not only in its momentary nature, but also its higher potential to engage users than conventional social media. Featuring additions like the Snapchat lenses or the Instagram story filters, the content comes off as rawer and less ornamented, allowing the user to engage with the brand on a much more personal level. Owing to their great response, stories are now sprawling across the grid of not only Instagram, but also platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, amongst others. The key takeaway here for every smart marketer is to not just embrace ephemeral content as another passing trend, but to incorporate it in a manner that allows capturing a wider audience and publishing increased content.

3. Programmatic Advertising
If you have identified your target audience and actively engage with that audience as a part of your marketing effort, paid digital ads would definitely work for you. The difficulty is that these audiences change. They have new problems while your own industry undergoes changes, as well. So how do marketers keep up in order to pay less for better results on digital ads? The answer is programmatic advertising. It uses AI to sense changes in your audience and make the necessary adjustments to follow your prospects as your industry and their needs change over time. Through instantaneous bidding and ideal placement, programmatic advertising keeps digital ads working optimally.

4. Content Marketing
Good content marketing does two things: it adopts brand storytelling and informs customers. Your customers have real problems that they want to wrap words around. More importantly, they want to feel empowered in their ability to solve those problems. There is an opportunity for brands to create stories that engage their customers in a way where they think they are effectively solving their own problems. So, the brand that feeds customers with empowering information and engagement will win the day. Incidentally, with the rise in user-generated content and influencer marketing, smart marketers are learning how to combine all three for maximum ROI.

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