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Games with advertising - ARE THE FUTURE.

Imagine your potential clients ENJOYING your advertisement, and repeatedly wanting to see it again and again and again, for minutes at a time. Be honest... how often do you think that happens with your current advertising methods?

By inserting your product or logo inside a game, a quiz, or a Flash presentation, you can strengthen brand loyalty as never before. That is the secret behind advergames.

INTERNET USE IS EXPLODING. It is becoming a bigger part of everyone's lives every month. According to www.internetstats.com, there has been a 117.3% increase in internet users in the United States since 2000.

iTitans is here to help. We offer cost-effective, fun ways to attract internet users to your products and services. For less than the cost of ONE full-size ad in your city newspaper, you can place a few stock advergames, or one customized iTitans Advergame on your site and keep them FOREVER. By contrast, what is this week's expensive newspaper ad going to be doing for you eight months from now?

Give us 15 minutes. We're convinced that if you spend 15 minutes reading through the ADVERGAMING NEWS and Q&A pages, you'll be sold on why you should contact iTitans. We are the future. Are you a company that will step into the future with us?

Entertainment Software Association Facts

  • 69% of Americans heads of households play computer or video games.
  • The average game player is 33.
  • 58% of online gamers are male, 42% are female.
  • Women 18+ are a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (30%) than boys under 18 (23%).
  • 42% of Americans purchased or plan to purchase one or more games in 2006.

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Advergame Questions

What is an advergame?

An advergame is an online video game that has advertiser content in it. The advertiser content can be passive, such as a sign or logo of your company or service on-screen. It can also be active, such as having a business owner be a character in a game, or having a quiz with questions about a product you are promoting.
Why should our company have an Advergame? We already advertise in print, direct mail, radio and TV.

Newspaper readership is declining, so print ads often go unnoticed, especially by young people. There are more cable TV channels and satellite radio options than ever before, so a broadcast campaign on one or a few stations is less effective than it used to be. And take a look at how much junk mail you get at home!

You need to grab potential customers in new ways, and there are very few marketing methods that customers VOLUNTARILY want to participate in. An advergame is one of those rare exceptions. Do you really think someone opens up your city newspaper and says "Oh boy, I can't wait to read that XYZ Tool Company ad!!!" Of course not -- but they WILL happily play your advergame, and often they'll invite their friends to play it too! And if they'll play your advergame, they'll be exposed to your company in some way for 5-30 minutes. Then it's up to you to keep them interested.

How much does an advergame cost?

The cost can vary greatly. Simple games, or ones that are non-exclusive, are quite inexpensive when compared to the cost of a typical newspaper ad or TV or radio campaign. Exclusive customized games that are very complex can run from $10,000 to beyond $100,000, limited only by your imagination and budget. iTitans specializes in cost-effective, "bang for your buck" advergames in the $1,000-$15,000 range. Call us to discuss your needs and ideas and we'll provide you with suggestions and a quote.
How long do we have the advergame for? Is it only for a week or month?

Let's define "have" first. Some of our games are stock games that we can sell to multiple clients, with just a simple change made to each (like your company logo being inserted). So you don't "own" those. On the other hand, we can create a completely new, unique, game just for you. It can be a game similar to other styles you've seen, or it can be something really different, limited only by your imagination.

In either case, you often can have the game on your site for as long as you want. If you only are promoting a product for a short period of time, you can pull the game off the web as soon as you wish. In most cases, you are not paying for "time", unlike a print or broadcast campaign.

I love the idea of an advergame, but I have no idea what type is best for our business!

Give us a call. We'll brainstorm with you! Sometimes a quiz game is a perfect means to educate the public in a fun way about your company. At other times, you want to burn your company logo into the consciences of your potential customers, so we'll concentrate on a more "physical" sports-type game where your company name is nearly always on-screen. Then there is always the more involved method of creating a product "character" and making it the focus of a small adventure! Different methods work for different companies...
How long does it take to get an advergame produced?

It varies from case to case. Factors involved include the complexity of the game and the already-scheduled workload of our available programmers and designers. A non-exclusive, already produced game could be up on your site within 7-10 days. A big budget game being worked on at a busy time would take quite a bit longer.